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The Foundation: Popnami! is named after the music studio that founder Cleo Godsey’s brother - Michael Godsey - ran in Shanghai until his premature death at age 47 in 2012. As he cherished the arts, books and kids’ education, we honor his memory by supporting these causes with the popnami! Foundation. Our foundation is dedicated to supporting folks we find doing interesting work in the arts, sciences and humanities – and children having fun creating stuff!


The Events: For the Salon Series, we host a series of events from readings to house concerts in the intimate setting of popnami! Headquarters – our Munich apartment. Our Residency Program is a yearly summertime two week artist residency at popnami!. Venturing outside of popnami Headquarters – we organize culture happenings in and around Munich, Nashville and New York. Finally we host children’s art parties, classes and other creative events for kids – inspired also by our son, Caspar.

“Nowhere is the air as inspiring as in Munich.” 

Paul Klee

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The Location: Popnami! Foundation is located right next to the English Garden (as a side note, bigger than Central Park) in the old village center of Schwabing. It is very well suited for foundation’s dedication to the arts, humanities and sciences, as this part of Munich has a long standing tradition of being an artist haven. Artists have frequented this area for more than a hundred years, with the high mark being the time before World War One. Thomas Mann completed his novel Buddenbrooks in the house right nextdoor to popnami!, Paul Klee had his studio on popnami’s street for many years. Other artists who roamed the neighborhood include Rainer Maria Rilke, Wassily Kandinsky, Gabriele Münter, Franz Marc, the physicist Werner Heisenberg and, last but not least, Wladimir Lijitsch Uljanow aka Lenin. The Ludwig Maximilian University as well as the Arts Academy are in the vicinity.


Today, the neighborhood is known for famous cabarets and a vibrant nightlife. In this spirit, popnami! aims to be a place for inspiration, helped by the fresh air, nature and architecture, street life, and nature around it — and, of course, a cherished community of friends & family.


Thank you for joining our popnami! Community and celebrating the creative folks that make our world more interesting!



Cleo Godsey, Hubertus Breuer – popnami! Founders

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